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How Do You Soap?

When deciding to use pumps or caps for E2H body wash. I did a small research with men and women asking what they preferred; pump or cap when using body wash. Only one person preferred caps. So YES all of E2H liquid products do and will continue to have pumps. However, it got me to thinking about body wash vs soap. Please know I am extremely bias to body washes especially since I only use my products. I love the way it softens my skin and glides off like silk when rinsing. I love the scents, but some of my customers prefer to order the unscented body wash with jojoba beads(skin exfoliant). Please note if you are using a body wash that does not have these basic characteristics, then you need to try one of our premium body washes. With that being said, what do you prefer? If you use a soap bar, what things are you looking for in your soap? Your ideas and thoughts could help us decide to add bar soap and a soap foot bar. I can assure it will be nothing like the soap you get over the counter.

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