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No Thank You! Keep the Turkey & and Stress.

Well, Thanksgiving is next week. If you are like me, and my family, because of Covid 19, our Thanksgiven dinner has been limited to a few people. No grandaddy and grandma this year. All these emotions plus cooking, this Thanksgiving dinner can stress you out and your skin. I have provided some of the ways our skin behaves in a stressful situation and which SkinOlogy product you need.

1) Ance

Stress can release more oil that is needed and causes your cores to clog, which can lead to acne.

Je.Li.OLigy Facial Cleanser (morning and night)

Pink Himalayan Facial Scrub (two times a week)

See our Skinology page

2) Sleep

Not getting enough sleep and the elasticity under your eyes becoming thinner the older you get can lead to bags under your eyes.

Anti.Aging.Serum. See our Skinology page. ( one to two times daily)* if using in the morning use a skin tan lotion)

3) Dry Skin

The outer layer of our skin is protected, by lipid and proteins. These glands help to keep your skin hydrated. When your skin is not hydrated, your skin becomes and dry and itchy.

H2Ology Facial Moisturizer. (morning and night). See our Skinology page.

Our products are designed to help your skin issues whether you are stressed or calm. We can't make the stress disappear, but we can help your skin look good and healthy

when you are stressing out.

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