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Protect Your Skin While Protecting Your Right To Vote!

Please VOTE if you have not already. If you are standing in longer than expected lines. Don't forget what outside weather conditions can do to our skins. Here is a few pointers to protect your skin.

1) Use a jelly to milk face wash. Our Je.Li.Olog Facial Cleanser offers you the advantage of removing a layer of dead skin daily. Creating fresh and new skin every day.

2) Apply a face moisturizer. Our H2Ology Face Moisturizer provides protection of new skin created. This moisturizer has Halyuncoronic Acid which helps hydrate your face.

3) If showering before or after voting our premium E2H Gel Body Wash glides on your skin like silk and doesn't dry out your skin. The suds are incredible and a little goes a long way. We offer three different fragrances; After the Rain, Chandelier, and Iris Veil. We also offer an unscented body wash with Jojoba beads.

.4) Apply a body butter or lotion. Our E2H butters are thick and whipped. Milk has been used through the ages to help moisturize skin. Therefore our body butters are made with goat milk. They penetrate the skin; not just set on top of the skin like some other body butter and do not leave an oily residue We offer three fragrances; Bellini Kiss, Pink Stiletto, and Midnight Orchids. We offer an unscented goat milk body butter with Isolate. This body butter helps with aches and pain.

General Vote Information: Drink plenty of water and bring water with you if you anticipate standing in line for a while. Wear comfortable clothing and comfortable shoes. Dress according to your local weather conditions.

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